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How to Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Going through a breakup, and want your ex back? Most people do. But not everyone knows how to win back the heart of a former lover, and this is what makes the difference between getting back together and losing that person for good.

For example, has your ex said that it's over? That they don't want to get back with you?

Is your ex unresponsive? Not returning your phone calls or answering your text messages?

Do you feel like EVERYTHING you've done so far has only pushed your boyfriend or girlfriend further away?

That's Okay. There's Still Hope.

Understand something: reversing a breakup is nothing more than a learnable skill.

Just as you can learn to fly a plane, or hit a home run, or solve a calculus equation, you can also learn the subtle art of how to get your ex back.

What if my Ex Won't Respond to me at All?

Doesn't matter. Your ex isn't responding to you right now. And that's only because you haven't done the RIGHT things that will make them want, need, and love you again.

And on top of that? You've probably done a lot of the wrong things. So before we can even help you at all, we've got to teach you what those things are.

See, every single breakup has a window of reversal. That's the time period during which you can change your ex's mind. The window of opportunity during which you can fix ANY breakup, no matter what caused the end of your relationship (even cheating).

That window, however, doesn't stay open indefinitely. Before it closes for good, you need to learn the 6 steps necessary to turn your ex around. Wait too long, or do too many of the wrong things, and you could lose your lover for good.

What if We've Been Broken Up a Long Time?

Long-term breakups can also be rekindled. These require a slightly different approach, but many of the steps are still the same.

When you haven't heard from your ex for a month or longer, you'll need advanced reconnection techniques. The guide below, Breakup Reversed, specializes in exactly the type of situation where you need to get back in touch again with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend:

Break Up Reversed

Find out exactly when to contact your ex, and what you absolutely MUST do beforehand, if you want to ensure success.

Learn just what to say, and which emotional triggers you can utilize to recreate the original affection your ex once had for you.

Also find out the real reasons your ex may have ended your relationship, and why they're most likely different from what they told you when they first broke things off.

Knowledge is POWER. Knowing the answers to these questions will help swing the balance of power back in YOUR favor.

Remember: the person who broke up with you HAS ALL THE CONTROL.

That is, until you seize that control back from them. This is the key to successfully reversing ANY breakup. Once you learn this step-by-step process? You'll be able to manipulate just about anybody into doing what you want, even beyond getting your ex back.

What Things Can I Do to Make my Ex Want me Again?

The answer to that one is easy: LOTS of things!

There are quick adjustments you can make to get your ex's attention, and long-term changes conducive to making your boyfriend or girlfriend want to date you again.

If you understand what attracted your ex to you in the first place, you can certainly recreate that attraction. This must happen on mental, physical, and especially emotional levels if you want any chance of reconciliation.

Can it Ever be Like it Was in the Beginning?

The "honeymoon stage" of every relationship is something you and your ex will always remember. It's filled with good times, great sex, and an overwhelming attraction that hit the both of you like an unstoppable force.

One of the best methods is called the Instant Reconnection Technique. When executed correctly (and at exactly the right time) it will bring your ex back to those amazing first few weeks, when everything was golden and you couldn't keep your hands off of each other!

Get Your Ex Back

There are other methods of attraction as well. Some of them are easy, and you can start doing them right now. Others require a bit more setup, but if your ultimate goal is to win your ex over, you're going to want to know all of them.

Does my Ex Still Love Me?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Even after a break up, your ex might send mixed signals. Signs that they still have feelings for you can easily be confused with your ex merely trying to be friendly, or even just wishful thinking.

Learning which signs and signals actually mean your former lover still cares for you is an important aspect of getting them back. Because in reversing an unwanted breakup, timing is all important.

Find out what your ex will do when they're ready to talk to you again, and how you can get them to that stage.

Also learn the final signals they'll give off when your boyfriend or girlfriend is just about ready to take you back, and how you can accelerate the process of getting back together with just a few simple words and actions - and sometimes, even inactions.

What Can I Do to Make My Ex Contact Me Again?

Communication after the breakup is the trickiest aspect of making things right again. Push your ex too hard, or contact them too soon, and you could be driving them away from you instead of back in your direction.

That said, there are contacting your ex do's and don'ts that will make things easier to talk to them, and make your former lover more receptive to hearing from you again (even if they've told you to stay away).

And yes, there are even strategies for talking to your ex that will reopen the lines of communication, including exactly when it's okay to make first contact, as well as the more important tactic: how to get your ex to call YOU.

What if My Ex Wants to Still be Friends?

Well, do you want them back? If so, staying friends with your ex can be tricky business. It's easy to fall from the status of boyfriend or girlfriend into someone your ex calls "a friend", only to find yourself hopelessly lost on the path to reversing that process.

Exes who are friends sometimes do end up dating again, but for the most part, this type of relationship is undesirable. You need to learn why you can't be friends with someone you still love, and what you can do to improve your situation when your ex suggests remaining friendly after breaking up with you.

Okay, I'm Ready to Get Back Together! What's Next?

For starters, learn the entire 6-step process for fixing your breakup, starting with step one! It'll give you valuable insight as to what to expect along the way.

Beyond that, there are several incredibly detailed guidebooks, written by relationship experts who've helped thousands of people get back together after an unwanted breakup.

You'll find these fully-downloadable guides scattered throughout this website. Some of them are for men trying to get back with an ex girlfriend. Others are specifically for women trying win back a boyfriend.

Because after all, men and women are very different creatures.

Either way, you'll get detailed, step-by-step advice on EXACTLY what to do (and more importantly, exactly when to do it). Don't miss out on these extras: they could easily mean the difference between making up or breaking up.

So what are you waiting for? It's past already time to get started!

Remember: you can get your ex back! And with some good advice, and a little luck?


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