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Detailed Reviews of the Most Popular 'Ex Back' Guidebooks

There's always a road back into your ex's heart, but those roads aren't always clear. Sometimes you're so blinded by baser emotions (sadness, devastation, loss) that you can't see the forest for the trees. And other times? Well, let's say that some things may work in other breakup situations, while different things might work in yours.

Below you'll find reviews of the most popular and successful guides to getting back together. Each of these ex back systems share the same goal: putting you back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. That said, each of them offer different things when it comes to scope and approach.

Remember: knowledge is power! The more vital information you can arm yourself with? The faster and more successful you'll be in getting your ex to come crawling back to you!

The Magic of Making Up - By T.W. Jackson

This is often considered the classic guide to winning your ex back. It's been around for over a decade now, helping tens of thousands of couples get back together - and stay together - after having broken up.

Magic Making Up

Perhaps the best part about Magic is T.W. Jackson himself. Soft-spoken yet firm, he gently takes your hand and guides through the entire process of getting your ex to want you back.

His system is a start-to-finish, step by step guide that shows you exactly what needs to be done. And often even more important, he shows you when you should do it.

Jackson's free opening moves video has been seen millions of times, and it's especially helpful in showing you where to start if you feel lost or hopeless right now. He gives specific examples of things that might be happening during your own breakup, then delivers advice on what can be done in each of those cases.

Within the system are unique ways (a.k.a. the 'calm mind technique') you can instantly alleviate the pain you're feeling right now, so that when you do start working toward reconciliation you move forward with a clear head. Too often a relationship can't be repaired simply because the person who got dumped can't stop calling, texting, or bothering their ex long enough to give that person a chance to miss and need them again.

Beyond the videos, Magic sometimes employs unconventional methods. Many would consider some of the stronger techniques bordering on mental manipulation, but you can't argue their effectiveness. In just a short time, you can change how your ex sees you. And with some additional moves, make your former boyfriend or girlfriend come to gradual realization that they need you back in their life again.

In the end, this system is INFAMOUS. If you haven't at least watched Jackson's free videos, you're missing out on a lot of quick things you can do to improve your current situation.

Totally recommended for those who've recently broken up, or in situations where you currently have little to no contact with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Breakup Reversed - By Robert Parsons

Breakup Reversed is perhaps most famous for it's incredible 97.4% success rate.

Written by relationship expert Robert Parsons, this guide is known for its brute force approach to reconnecting with an ex. Whether or not you still have contact doesn't matter; Breakup Reversed teaches you exactly how you get your ex interested in you again.

Break Up Reversed Review

The system actually goes one step beyond. It's success is built upon the unconventional ideology of making your ex chase you, to the point where if you did everything right, your ex doesn't just take you back... they're actually BEGGING YOU to take THEM back.

Counter-intuitive methods are employed here, along with a total reversal of the human psyche. Browning teaches how, with very little effort, you can convince your ex that you were something far too valuable to let go. He shows how you can easily shake your ex's confidence, and make them believe their decision was a tremendous mistake.

And as all that happens? With it comes the jarring realization that it might not be possible for your ex to get you back. This drives your former boyfriend or girlfriend even further down the rabbit hole, as for the first time ever, they're forced to face the possibility of actually losing you for good.

Robert's philosophy is this: power and control are everything. When your ex broke things off, it was he or she who seized all the power. Breakup Reversed shows you how to take back control, swinging the pendulum back in your direction so that YOU have that power again.

The system teaches you everything you need to know, from first contact with your ex all the way up to when it's the right time to have sex with them again.

You'll also learn Parson's legendary Instant Reconnection Technique, which when used by itself, can halt and reverse almost all breakups.

This guide is recommended for anyone who feels a complete loss of control over what's going on with their ex boyfriend or girlfriend, as well as those who feel like the 'loser' of the breakup and seek to swing the balance of power back in their favor.

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Other Ex Back Guide Reviews

There are also a number of gender specific guides out there. These give you the advantage of dealing directly with a male or female viewpoint, because what works on men will not necessarily work on women.

By catering to the male or female wants, needs, and overall psyche, you can get more detailed information as to what works when it comes to winning your ex over. Click on either of the two buttons below to see more 'Get Your Ex Back' reviews:

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Remember: you can try to get your ex back by just "winging it", or you can go into battle with a blueprint for success. One always gives you better odds at succeeding than the other.