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How to Get Your Boyfriend Back - Ex Back System Reviews

So your boyfriend dumped you... and you want him back. What's first? What's last? How can you go about getting your exboyfriend to love you again, and what might you be doing right now that is driving him away?

Luckily, there's help. The guides below are the best 'get your ex boyfriend back' systems out there. From start to finish, they deliver a step by step master plan for getting your boyfriend to want you back as his girlfriend, and not as 'just a friend' or a sexual plaything.

The Ex Factor Guide - By Brad Browning

Sometimes you see a video that really grabs hold and speaks to you. This is that video, and if you haven't seen it yet, then you probably haven't met Brad Browning.

Ex Factor Guide Package

Brad's huge system of videos, written information, and several guidebook extras will give you TONS of great information as to what you should and shouldn't do to put yourself back in your boyfriend's arms.

Right off the bat, Browning gives unique insight into the male thought process, addressing how to entice your ex back without scaring him away or smothering him with unwanted affection. He goes over the things that may have caused your breakup, as well as how to correct them before getting back in touch with your ex.

Brad Browning preaches a simple mantra: your ex won't want you back until you have VALUE.

Ex Factor Guide teaches you exactly how to create that value, building yourself up into something that will making your ex boyfriend not only need you back, but physically and emotionally desire you even more than he did at the very beginning of your relationship.

Find out what's been keeping you from talking to or seeing your ex boyfriend, as well as why he might be ignoring you right now (as Brad explains, it's probably not what you think it is). Also learn what you can do to accelerate the process of getting him to miss you - one crucial element that can't be missing from any attempt at reconciliation.

Stop making the same mistakes. Find out the one thing men look for after breaking up with you that will absolutely melt his heart, and which traits you might be displaying that are unintentionally pushing your ex in the total opposite direction.

The Ex Factor System is for women who are confused as to what their ex boyfriend wants, and can't figure out why they might've lost him in the first place. It's also perfect for women looking to recreate the original, unstoppable attraction their boyfriends may have felt in the first golden weeks and months of the relationship.

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Win Back Love - By Analynn Caras

Weighing in on the female opinion here is relationship expert Analynn Caras. Her years of experience in the industry have collectively led her to publish Win Back Love, an amazing guide for those looking to get their ex boyfriends to fall crazily, head over heels back in love with them.

Win Back Love

Win Back Love contains an enormous collection of stories and testamonials from couples who've gotten back together and from actual people who've used the system. You'll learn what works, what doesn't work, and what your ex is looking for more than anything else when he looks back over his shoulder after the breakup.

After all the heartache and negativity you've probably been through, it's inspiring to read success stories. There are an abundance of these, but the strongest points of Analynn's guide are the more subtle techniques you can use to get back in your ex boyfriend's heart and mind.

She teaches you how to get your ex thinking about you - constantly - even though you have no contact and even though it may have been a while since the breakup.

For a rundown of just some of the stuff included in the Win Back Love System:

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  How to reverse the roles after the breakup, to regain control.

checkbox red
  The 7 deadliest mistakes you can make in trying to get your boyfriend back.

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  Another 7 things you MUST do if you want any chance at fixing your breakup.

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  Some very simple ways to get your exboyfriend to contact YOU.

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  One unconventional reconnection tactic that will stop your breakup in its tracks.

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  10 instant ways you can re-attract your ex boyfriend, even if he's ignoring you.

Again, these are only some of the things Analynn Caras goes over. The complete system also comes with some tremendous extras - entire volumes which come with Win Love Back and that are also instantly downloadable.

Bonuses include Revive a Cold Love Life, which teaches how to pump new excitement into any relationship, and Stop the Divorce and Save the Marriage, which contains tons of tips and tricks that can be used whether you're married or dating.

Win Back Love is recommended for women looking to restart a stalled relationship, but the meat and bones of the system is a completel, step by step roadmap for getting your boyfriend back after an unwanted breakup.

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The Woman Men Adore - By Bob Grant

Bob Grant is the 'Relationship Doctor', and with good reason. He's a licensed, clinical professional that, through 15 years of research, has helped thousands of people fix broken relationships and get back together after an unwanted breakup.

The Woman Men Adore is just one of Bob's books. It's the most important one however, if your boyfriend left you speechless and utterly confused when he walked away from your relationship with no good explanation.

Woman Men Adore

More than any other ex boyfriend back system, Grant gets into and opens up the mind of today's modern man. He shows you exactly what men are looking for, and why giving your boyfriend "everything he wants" is probably the worst thing you can do to keep him happy.

Many things that drive men away don't occur to the women who date them, and this is where getting back together can be tricky. Because if you can't identify what makes your man want you in the first place? How can you possibly get him to come back?

One of the bigger points of Bob's system is his famous emotional bonding technique. Used properly, it can recreate the original wants, needs, and desires that filled your ex boyfriend's head when he first saw and lusted after you.

You'll also learn nostalgia tactics designed to put your ex back in the original relationship mindset. These are strong emotional ties and connections that he's trying to bury, but you can dig them out and use them to remind your boyfriend of just how awesome things once were (and can be again).

This system is perfect for any woman unsure as to why their boyfriend or ex boyfriend seems to be consistently disinterested.

t also contains several chapters on how to stay happy and committed, long into the romance and especially after getting back together after breaking up.

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