Get Your Boyfriend Back

Fastest Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Guys... they're different than girls. They act different ways. They want different things.

So when your boyfriend broke up with you? You might've tried to talk him out of it. And in trying to win him over, and give the relationship another chance? You realized you truly don't know what the hell he wants.

Breaking Up Reversed

Getting back together after a breakup can be a tough thing, but it's made tougher when you don't understand men. For this reason, the rest of this page is dedicated to winning your boyfriend back - heart, mind, and soul.

Men Handle Breakups Differently Than Women

One of the first things to understand is that emotionally, men and women are very different. Women are emotional creatures - you've heard that a million times over, but where does that leave men?

Do guys simply not care? Are they cold and callous for the simple reason that they have less emotions and attachments?

Well, yes and no.

For starters, guys in general will bury their emotions. They're taught at an early age that showing sensitivity is weak and lame. They hide things, including their feelings, which is why your ex boyfriend could still harbor deep-seeded emotional connections for you and STILL be cold, silent, and totally uncommunicative.

Getting him to open up those feelings is one of the stronger approaches you can take in getting him back. However, you have to take the long road here. You can't just force your ex to tell you his feelings... he's not going to do that.

The brute force approach doesn't work on men. You can't 'reason' your way back into the relationship. No amount of arguing or trying to make a point is going to make your ex see you as his girlfriend again, which is why the more you press him to tell you his feelings? The more distant he seems.

However, there are certain bonding techniques you can use to make him nostalgic about your past relationship. Learn these, and you can master the art of drawing him closer without him knowing it.

See, men are most prone to remember the good times you shared together. They're more programmed to let go and forget about all the fighting and arguing (women hold on to these memories a lot more). So right away, just after the breakup, your ex still harbors resentment against whatever was bad about your relationship. But a week or two later? He's remembering mostly the good times, the great things you did together, the places you went, and yes, the sex he now misses having with you.

Silence is Golden When it Comes to Men

Nothing is as disquieting to your ex boyfriend as NOT hearing from you

When a guy dumps you, you'd tend to think that's it. That he's no longer interested at all. That the last time he turns and walks away, he doesn't give you another thought.

In truth, it's nothing like that at all.

Men are possessive creatures. While your boyfriend had you as his girlfriend, he was secure in the knowledge that you were his. No other guy would possess you. No other guy would sleep with you. You were the only man in his life, and it comforted him to know that you needed him.

Yet the second you break up? All of that changes.

Boyfriend Broke Up With Me

Gone is the knowledge that you belong to him.

Gone is the security of knowing you won't be with other guys.

Gone is the comfort of having a partner, and not just that, but a partner who loves and cares for him.

So what does he do? Your boyfriend looks back over his shoulder. He wants to see a certain thing, and once he sees that thing he can move on.

He wants to see you failing without him.

A huge part of any man's psyche is his EGO. It's what shapes him, gives him confidence and charisma and independance. While his ego is intact, he won't question himself. He won't question the decision he made, which was to break up with you.

So when you're alone, miserable, and crying? When you're begging him to come back? When you're texting him and calling him and promising to "change" and that things will be totally different if only he'd "give you another chance"? Well, all those things are great for him, because they're feeding his EGO.

This enables your boyfriend to walk away. He can move on now, knowing he made the right decision. You obviously needed him a LOT more than he needed you. Which means he can throw the relationship away without really losing anything.

For these reasons, it's hugely important that you NOT do these things.

The more of these 12 common mistakes you make after the breakup? The faster your boyfriend will slip away. The harder you try to tighten your grip on him, the quicker he'll slip through your fingers.

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Wants You

How to know when he still has feelings for you

If you can avoid all the big mistakes mentioned above, and withdraw completely away? Your ex boyfriend HAS to start questioning his decision. This is because he sees you as independant and maybe even better off without him. After all, you're not even trying to get him back.

Get Ex Boyfriend Back

This is hard, of course. But if you can stick it out? You'll start seeing signs that he still has feelings.

Some of these signals are pretty overt, meaning you can recognize them right away. Others are more hidden. Know how to recognize these signs, because it's an important aspect of getting back together.

Any moves you make in his direction - later on, of course - will require proper timing. And you'll want to time your approach so that it happens exactly when he's missing and needing you most.

And remember: just because you don't see these feelings outright doesn't mean they aren't there. Men hide stuff. Especially their true feelings. They hide it from other guys and they hide it from their girlfriends, because they believe it to be a weakness of some sort. Only the most confident guys out there will open up to you fully, and even these men will tend to close up once they've ended a relationship.

Using Jealousy to Get Him Back

Another thing to realize about men is that their possessiveness makes them very prone to jealousy.

During the relationship, this can cause problems. Men who are insecure are more likely to try and control you, and maybe you've already experienced this with one boyfriend or another.

But as much as that was annoying, you can now use it to grab your ex boyfriend's attention again. Because nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will make him more jealous than seeing you go out with some other guy.

Dating someone else is the best and biggest way to get your former boyfriend to re-evaluate his feelings for you. Up until now, he could get you back whenever he felt like it. Up until now, all he had to do was change his mind and the breakup would be over.

But once you're with another guy? That whole option is off the table. Suddenly he stands to lose you for good - possibly lose you forever - and when faced with that, your ex has to make some pretty hard decisions. Decisions that get made with the image of you lying naked in bed with some other guy (possibly a better guy) floating around in his head...

Step by Step Ex Boyfriend Back Guide - For Women Only

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