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Quickest Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

When it comes to dating, men and women can be very different in their wants and needs. And after a breakup? This can be even more so, especially when it comes to getting them back.

As a guy, it's hard enough to know what your girlfriend wants. And now that she's your ex? It's even harder. What motivates guys won't necessarily motivate girls, and vice versa. Which means that reversing your breakup will require a female-centric approach, and a certain finesse to things as well.

Girlfriend Broke Up With Me

Way before she broke up with you, your girlfriend thought things through. This means she took her time, and right now, she's already made up her mind.

Your goal therefore, is already difficult: you have to get her to change it.

The Differences Between Men & Women

Getting back with you means your girlfriend has to admit she was WRONG. She's actually breaking a commitment she made - the commitment to leave you - and this acknowledgment is something that's hard for a lot of girls.

It's even more difficult for another very simple reason: her friends.

Before she dumped you, your girlfriend ran the idea past a half dozen of her closest friends. In all likelihood, they agreed that you totally suck... or at least, you suck as a boyfriend.

Whatever gripes your girl has with you, her friends nodded their heads and went along with it. So yeah, now she has to eat crow and tell her friends that she was wrong to let you go, too.

It's for these reasons that getting a girl to go back out with you is usually a multi-stage process. First she has to WANT you back, then she has to do damage control, and finally she has to get everyone else used to the idea that you'll be around again.

Emotional Differences Between The Two Sexes

Women are also more emotional than men. They're more prone to remember and react to the emotional attachments she shared with you. For this reason, a girl will usually go cold after the breakup. An ex girlfriend will ignore you and distance themselves from you much longer than an ex boyfriend will.

This can be difficult, especially during the No Contact phase of winning her back. But it's crucial you do this, because when a girl does miss you? It's usually with greater force and more need than a man.

To get back into your girlfriend's head, you'll need to appeal to her innermost feelings. You'll need to tug on any lingering connections you might have to her, but you have to play those connections ever so gently, because women get spooked a lot faster than men do.

Pushing for reconciliation is always bad. Girls will ran fast and far, knowing they have the comfort and solace found in their friends and family to lean on.

Most girls even get off on a guy chasing after them. It ratifies their decision. It makes them feel wanted. It re-enforces their sense of self worth, because someone wants them so badly they're willing to go to great lengths to get them.

And the harder you push? The more firm your girlfriend will be about never dating you again. This is why you have to be extremely careful.

You'll mostly want to use these emotional bonding techniques, which will play on your ex's existing feelings for you in subtle, yet still effective ways.

You Don't Have to 'Understand' Your Ex Girlfriend

(You only have to understand why she broke up with you)

Too often, guys will try to "fix" things that aren't broken. Especially when they get dumped, and start scrambling around to repair whatever damage they think might have done to the relationship.

In reality though, a girl will very rarely tell you the REAL reasons she's breaking up with you. And she does this for exactly the reason mentioned above: because you'll jump up, scramble, and immediately try to 'fix' things.

Ex Girlfriend Back

Well guess what?

Your girlfriend doesn't WANT you to fix these things.

She already made the choice to leave you. And for right now? She's sticking to that choice, regardless of what you have to say.

This is why you can't 'convince' your ex girlfriend to give the relationship another shot. She's already played that scenario out in her head. She knows exactly what you're going to say. She knows exactly how to counter every one of your arguments.

You've probably already made a half dozen or more of the 12 biggest mistakes guys make right after they get dumped by a girlfriend.

But I digress. For now, let's get back to your girlfriend lying about why she dumped you.

No matter what she says, no matter how she worded it, I GUARANTEE I know exactly why you're suddenly single. Want the real reason? Good, because here it is:

Your girlfriend dumped you because she's no longer attracted to you.

This didn't happen overnight, by the way. At one time she was VERY attracted to you. But over the course of your relationship, one or more things happened that made you unattractive in her eyes.

  • This could be physical, in that you don't look as good or maybe even care to dress as well as when you first hooked up.
  • It could be emotional, in that you've been needy or insecure during the relationship. To the point where your girlfriend started to believe she can do better than you.
  • It could be mental, in that you've abused your girlfriend in certain ways. Maybe you complimented her less, or criticized her more. Maybe you were overbearing or too controlling, and she felt stifled where she once felt loved.
  • And yes, it could even be she's interested in someone else. But if your relationship were as good as it was when you first started dating? That other guy she's got her eye on right now wouldn't even be a factor.

The good news is that all of the above things are FIXABLE. You can work out. You can buy new clothes. Grab a haircut. Get a tan.

Emotionally and mentally you can realize your faults and work on them. So that when you do get back in touch with your ex, she sees a NEW you. Or more accurately, the OLD you... the one she saw when she first fell in love with you.

There are also ways to convey to your ex that you've changed, even when you're not together. Check out these instant reconnection techniques and pick whichever one is best suited for your situation (depending on how much current contact you have with your ex).

Signs That She Still Loves You

Learn to spot when your exgirlfriend still has feelings for you

Getting back with an ex girlfriend isn't just about what to do. It's also about what NOT to do, but even further than that, it's about when to take action.

Get Ex Girlfriend Back

You can do the right thing at the wrong time and get terrible results. Do this enough, and you could close the window of opportunity to get your ex back for good.

This is why it's crucial to know when your former girlfriend is finally showing signs of relenting. As she gets closer to taking you back, your ex will give off certain signals that act as "go-aheads" for you to make a move.

As a guy, you already should know that you're responsible for making most of the moves. Girls are mostly passive in this regard.

But when your ex girlfriend is considering dating you again? It's even MORE important that you take those last few steps in her direction. Not only does this lessen the chance that she's barking up the wrong tree (i.e. going after you when you've already moved on), it's also something she can use to justify taking you back.

Imagine your ex talking to her friends the day after getting back together. She's telling them about how you made that last touching phone call, or how you showed up at the right time with just the right card.

These things enabled her to take you back. They made it okay for her to change her mind about ending the relationship.

Step by Step Ex Girlfriend Back Guide - For Men Only

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