Signs Ex Loves Me

How Can I Tell if My Ex Still Has Feelings?

Does your ex sometimes send you mixed signals? Ever wonder what they mean?

Does Ex Love Me

After a breakup, lingering connections will always remain. But how can you tell what your ex is really feeling? What signals will they give off that show they still love you, and which are only false alarms?

If you're trying to get back with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, knowing the signs they still love you can be a big advantage. Any moves you make toward reversing your breakup will require one important element: timing.

Knowing when to act is sometimes even more important than knowing what to say or do. You'll want to take certain actions only once you've confirmed that your ex is missing you, needing you, or even starting to want you back.

Even more important however, you don't want to act wrongly. Learn the 12 mistakes people make after getting dumped, and no matter how many of them you might already be committing, understand that stopping right now will only improve your chances or reconciliation later on.

Does My Ex Still Love Me? How Can I Know?

Know the signs that things might not be over, despite what your ex is telling you

Let's be honest: your ex isn't going to tell you when they're having second thoughts. Not until they're absolutely sure they want you back will your former boyfriend or girlfriend actually come out and say they want to get back together again.

So until then? You'll need to keep your eyes open. You'll have to keep your ears open, and your heart open too.

Below is a list of signals you might see your ex giving off from time to time, when they're actually missing and thinking about you. Learn them quickly, because knowing what they are can help you know what to do next.

Your Ex Keeps Calling or Texting You

This is one of the bigger indications that your former boyfriend or girlfriend still has feelings for you. Because if they didn't? They'd stay miles away from any sort of post-breakup contact.

The type of communication here is important. If you and your ex spent a lot of time texting each other during your relationship, he or she might think it's fairly innocent to continue talking. But when your ex is calling you? That's a much more personal connection. Either way, any contact initiated by your ex after he or she dumped you is a GOOD sign.

Your Ex Makes Sure You Know He or She is Still Single

The person who breaks things off has a lot of power. They're the one who decides, at least initially, whether or not the breakup is temporary or permanent.

So when an ex goes out of their way to make their single dating status known to you? What he or she is saying is: "Hey, don't date anybody else right now, because I'm staying single too". This is usually because your ex is giving the breakup a trial run. They're reserving the right to get back together whenever they feel like it, and that's not going to happen if you run off and find someone else.

An ex who communicates this type of info is not 100% sure of the breakup. There are ways you can exploit their insecurities in order to get them to come back, especially once you start seeing these signs.

Your Ex 'Mysteriously' Shows up Around You

An ex who's thinking about keeping you in their life won't want you to go very far. They might be re-thinking the break up, and to protect their investment they'll start checking up on you.

So when your former girlfriend or boyfriend shows up at your house, or job, or drops by a place they know you'll be? It's because they're making sure you're still single. They don't want you to go anywhere - at least for now - while the breakup is still in effect.

You Get Drunk Dialed by Your Ex

This is a big one. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. It's a fantastic truth serum, and when your ex is drunk or drinking they're a lot more likely to be honest about how they truly feel about you.

Receiving a drunk dial or drunk text from your ex is a sure sign that you're on their mind. It's probably late. They're lonely. They're thinking about you, and the time you shared, and they're missing certain aspects of your past relationship.

When your ex does this, it's always best to stay cool. Don't talk too much, or go back and forth about anything deep. If you're looking to get back together, don't talk about the breakup either. Because of the alcohol, you could easily start blaming each other and fighting all over again.

There are Sudden Changes in your Ex's Attitude Toward You

Right after a breakup it's common to feel isolated. Your ex might be cold and distant, or even rude. This is because they're pushing you away, and because it's easier to bury whatever emotional attachments they still have for you than deal with them by seeing or hearing from you.

My Ex Called Me

So when your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend's attitude abruptly changes? It's usually a sign they're softening toward you, and possibly the breakup itself.

Is your ex more friendly all of a sudden? Even flirtatious? Do they run into you a lot more, and when they do, does your ex seem happier around you?

Has your ex started calling you again, even though he or she never called when you first broke up with each other? Have they offered to be friends again, or even tried being something along the lines of friends with benefits?

These are signs they're rethinking things. Before they'd admit to wanting you back, your ex will first test the waters by seeing how you react to their positive change of attitude.

Your Ex Starts Talking to Their Friends About You Again

Before getting back together, an ex will usually run the idea past friends and family. This is because when they broke up with you, the first thing your ex did was probably badmouth you to them.

Since they provided friends and family with reasons why the broke things off, those same people will have to be convinced when it's time to give things another try. And while some people will take their lovers back without consulting anyone at all, most times they'll look for some friendly input.

Step by Step System To Get Your Ex Back

Know what to do. What to say. And most importantly, when to say it.

If your ex has been unresponsive and showing none of the above signs? You're going to need additional help.

Luckily there is a step by step guide that shows you exactly what to do if everything you've been trying so far hasn't worked out when it comes to getting your ex back.

Unlike some breakup reversal guides, Ex Factor is gender-specific. You'll get advice based on what men and women both really want, and how to treat each of the sexes when it comes to fixing your breakup.

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